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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Insights

Welcome to the first issue of Insights, a new publication of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

Every year, distinguished visitors and academic staff within the Faculty give important public lectures, some of which find their way into journals. Others are lost to those who were unable to attend these lectures. The aim of Insights is to present condensed versions of these lectures to Faculty Alumni and the wider public. >> More

Feature articles

China in international imbalances By Yu Yongding
China’s fast-growing economy faces an unprecedented problem: how to deal with its unsustainable ‘twin surpluses’ without damage to itself and the global economy >> more

International trade and poverty: Cause or cure?
By L. Alan Winters
The impact of trade liberalisation on poverty is not black and white; different countries experience different effects >> more

Making the boom pay By John Freebairn
As Australia enjoys riding a prosperous wave, key economists and strategists examine how it can be sustained long into the future >> more

Reforming Australian industrial relations? By Joe Isaac
The debate over WorkChoices will continue to rage for some time as its effects are felt across the workforce >> more

Minimum wages and inequality By Andrew Leigh
Are minimum wages justly promoted as a crucial tool in the battle against poverty? >> more


Does the Fair Pay Commission decision matter?
By Mark Wooden
Employers and unions have differing opinions about the merits of a minimum wage rise on both employment levels and living standards >> more

The corporate political environment and big business response By Geoff Allen
The complex task of corporate management in the modern world >> more

Stock return predictability in rational markets: on the impossibility of informationally inefficient markets
By Bruce D. Grundy
Understanding the debate between behaviouralists and neo-classicists pays dividends for all researchers >> more

Passive profits from accounting indicators
By John D. Lyon
Can superior long-term share market returns be earned from basic accounting indicators? >> more

Occasional addresses

Tom Elliott: A‘Battle of Ideas’ is taking place around the globe, and graduates of the University of Melbourne can assist in its resolution >> more

Peter Yates: On painting one’s life picture >> more

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