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Welcome to the tenth issue of Insights

The Faculty's public lectures continue to provide a rich source of material for Insights. The current issue covers a wide range of public-policy issues with contributions by international visitors William Brown and Richard Blundell and local speakers including Zöe Morrison and Jeremy Duffield.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 10 | November 2011

How shall we protect the wages of the weak?
William Brown
Containing the growth of inequality is crucial for the maintenance of the social and political structures worldwide that inhibit overt civil and military conflict

Social inclusion, diversity and the politics of recognition
Zöe Morrison
Due recognition is not just a courtesy, but a vital human need

Changing life trajectories: The Early Years Education Research Project
Alice Hill, Brigid Jordan, Nichola Coombs, Janet Williams-Smith and Jeff Borland
It is possible to compensate for the effects of a disadvantaged family background by giving children from those families access to high-quality childcare and supporting their parents to provide a nurturing home environment

Academics and financial services: Strange bedfellows
Jeremy Duffield
The relationship between finance academics and the finance sector has produced great contributions but often disappoints and can be made to work better

Growth challenge: Riding the resources boom to lasting prosperity
By Deborah Cobb-Clark, John P Haisken-Denew, Paul Jensen, Guyonne Kalb, Felix Leung, Duncan McVicar, Cain Polidano, Chris Ryan, Anthony Scott, Elizabeth Webster and Roger Wilkins
A selective summary of highlights of the 7th Economics and Social Outlook Conference held by the Melbourne Institute and The Australian on 30 June and 1 July 2011

Empirical evidence and tax reform: Lessons from the Mirrlees Review
Richard Blundell
How should evidence be used in the study of tax design? What is the appropriate balance between theory and empirics?

Occasional Addresses

The currency of your commerce degree: A passport to the world
By Lynne S Williams
Undergraduate micro- and macro-economics concepts remain important resources for analysing current public-policy dilemmas and controversies

Engagement with Asia, philanthropy and future challenges
By Sid Myer
The skills that you graduate with are the very skills that help strengthen and build outstanding community organisations


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