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Welcome to the eleventh issue of Insights

Endowed and named lecture series are an important feature of the University’s and the Faculty’s intellectual life. The Miegunyah lectures cover all University disciplines and the Faculty was fortunate in 2011 in having distinguished economist Richard Freeman as Miegunyah Fellow and Lecturer. His lead article presents a bleak analysis of the economic and distributional consequences of rising inequality in the US, albeit tempered by an optimistic conclusion.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 11 | April 2012

Optimal inequality for economic growth, stability, and shared prosperity: the economics behind the Wall Street Occupiers Protest
Richard B. Freeman
The American 'experiment' with unfettered finance and huge inequality has not produced the promised economic nirvana. Rather, the evidence suggests that it has adversely affected the economy in various ways

The sustainability of the audit profession: a practitioner's perspective
Annette Kimmitt and Adam Wood
Given the diminishing importance of auditing within major firms, how might the audit profession evolve for a sustainable future?

Just a knowledge worker? Academics, universities and industrial relations
Margaret Gardner
The 'managerialism' much maligned in Australian universities is partly a response to their increased complexity, regulation and accountability

Natural resources, manufacturing and trade: a long-run perspective
Ronald Findlay
Are abundant natural-resource endowments a 'blessing' or a 'curse'?

Disadvantage and life-satisfaction
Ian M. McDonald
In Australia, there is a strong case for providing more help to disadvantaged groups that suffer from substantial losses of life-satisfaction, especially the mentally ill

Occasional Addresses

Learning never stops
By Peter Nash
The desire and capacity to step outside your comfort zone is critical

People are the key
By Philip Brass
No matter how academically proficient you may be, without good people skills you will not maximise your potential

We are all students of business
By Paul Carter
Many important business ideas have application beyond your career and may prove equally helpful in laying the foundations for a successful life


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