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A feature of the Faculty calendar in the last decade has been the Corden Lecture, which honours one of the Faculty's most influential economists, Max Corden. In the lead article, which updates his 2012 Corden Lecture, award-winning economics commentator Martin Wolf examines the lessons from the 2007 global financial crisis, particularly as they relate to ongoing problems in the eurozone.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 13 | April 2013

Lessons from the global financial crisis
Martin Wolf
The big lesson of history is that crises repeat themselves, that times of euphoria are when the conditions for crises emerge and that when the crisis hits, it is too late.

Celebrating 50 years at the Melbourne Institute
Mark Wooden
A selective summary of key themes discussed at a one-day conference held at the Melbourne Institute on 6 December 2012 to celebrate the Institute's first 50 years.

Securing the future: how Australia can thrive in a volatile world
Deborah Cobb-Clark, Hielke Buddelmeyer, Terence Cheng, Abraham Chigavazira, Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Trinh Le, Felix Leung, Kris Li, Viet Hoang Nguyen, Alfons Palangkaraya, Peter Sivey, Domenico Tabasso, Russell Thomson and Roger Wilkins
A selective summary of the highlights of the eighth Economic and Social Outlook Conference, 'Securing the future: how Australia can thrive in a volatile world'.

Sustainability reporting: past, present, and trends for the future
Naomi Soderstrom
How sustainability reporting develops will have dramatic implications for the practice of accounting and auditing in the future.

A larger GST in a tax-mix change
John Freebairn
Large potential gains for national productivity are available from a shift in the mix of taxes from those with relatively high distortion costs to the GST with its much lower distortion costs.

Reciprocity and regard
Avner Offer
'Regard' takes many forms and powerfully influences economic exchanges.

Occasional Addresses

Asian opportunities
Paula Dwyer
In today's 'once in a century' shift in global growth to Asia, Australian know-how has a unique role to play in the region's future.

Workplace cultures
Jonathan Elliot
Workplace culture has an enormous impact on the performance of an organisation.


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