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With its high national and international standing, a chair appointment in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne is an important indicator of scholarly excellence. It is now tradition for newly appointed or promoted professors to deliver inaugural lectures or master classes based on areas of their expertise. This edition of Insights brings condensed versions of three events involving recently appointed professors.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 14 | November 2013

Mastering the markets: high frequency trading and dark pools
Carole Comerton-Forde
Changes in global equity markets over the last two decades have been nothing short of transformational.

The truth about cannabis use
Jenny Williams
While many people try cannabis, only a small fraction become problem users. In fact, the risk of addiction is quite low.

Technology and the bottom line: selection and implementation of supply chain management systems
Damien Power, Terry Papadis, Richard Gruner
Implementations of supply chain technologies are frequently idiosyncratic instead of following logical, planned stages and processes.

Demystifying the Chinese economy
Justin Yifu Lin
China's rise is the most intriguing economic phenomenon of our time.

Monetary policy and the exchange rate at the end of the mining boom: two different views
Ross Garnaut, Peter Jonson
A report of proceedings of a Melbourne Institute forum.

Reflections on and lessons from a career as an economist
Saul Eslake
A solid grounding in economic theory is essential to provide a coherent, systematic way of thinking about how an economy works, how it responds to shocks, and how policy-makers are likely to think about responding to those shocks.

The role of collateral in global finance
Annelise Riles
Collateral is not only an artefact of national law, it's also a way of getting around it.

Occasional Addresses

Be prepared for change
Anthony Di Pietro
Focus from the outset on what you can contribute rather than what you can take, and you will gain a lot of personal satisfaction and really make a difference.


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