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Welcome to the second issue of Insights

Insights publishes condensed and edited versions of important public lectures connected with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. By presenting these lectures in a language and format accessible to the general reader, we hope to share their substance with a wider public and especially with alumni of the Faculty. We also aim to establish archival material for future researchers.
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Volume 2 Oct 2007

Feature articles

Modeling Amazon deforestation for policy purposes By Clive W J Granger
An alternative approach to analysing deforestation, to take account of the conservationist and development priorities >> more

Economic policy issues for climate change By John Freebairn
The design of appropriate policy interventions faces a number of difficulties – the characteristics of a global pollution externality, uncertainty about both the economic costs of climate change and the costs of mitigation, and the need to make intergenerational comparisons because of the very long time lags between cause and effect
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The economics of sport By Peter J Sloane
The claim that professional team sports are no different from conventional industries can be challenged; and whether club owners are profit maximisers or utility maximisers remains an area of debate
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A comparative view of unions, involvement and productivity By John S. Heywood
There is room for performance pay, but it does not necessarily succeed in a vast majority of cases
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The world before public affairs By David Merrett
Business is under increasing pressure to serve society
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Are delays in tariff-reduction programs ever economically rational? By Neville R Norman
Can economic theory be used to resolve the tricky issue in trade policy, of whether pre-announced reductions in trade barriers should ever be suspended or reversed?
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Occasional addresses

Jeff Borland: The importance of commerce and commercial principles in determining the well-being of society
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Max Corden: Guideposts for your future success
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