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Insights publishes condensed and edited versions of important public lectures connected with the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. By presenting these lectures in a language and format accessible to the general reader, we hope to share their substance with the wider public and especially with alumni of the Faculty. We also aim to establish archival material for future researchers.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 3 April 2008

Feature articles

Policy making in an uncertain world
Nilss Olekalns
Uncertainty was a key premise in Keynesian theory – and it remains an important variable in macroeconomics today

Did business matter? Australia in the twentieth century
David Merrett
With business neglected in the narratives that describe Australian economic development, the US story may offer a new perspective on why business mattered here

Financial shell games
Satyajit Das
The gigantic liquidity bubble is now deflating. The sub-prime problems were merely the trigger for a major adjustment in the availability and cost of borrowings globally

Drugs policy: a role for economic research?
Steve Pudney
Drugs policy has a long and inglorious history and has often been driven less by reason and evidence than by prejudice and sentiment, moral panic and conviction, and political fear and opportunism

Our schools...our future
Stephen Sedgwick
Every primary school pupil should be able to read and write at least at the minimum levels specified

Occasional addresses

Pursuing talents and confronting burdens
James T Riady
Graduates should regard today not as the omega point but as the alpha point of their lives

The importance of vision and people
Laurence Cox AO
Seek to work alongside the best people who will challenge your ideas and assure your vision is achieved

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