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The Faculty’s public lectures continue to provide a rich harvest for Insights. Important public policy issues dominate this edition, with contributions from Paul Collier, Shelly Lundberg, Deborah A Cobb-Clark just to name a few.

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Inside the current issue, Volume 9 | April 2011

The plundered planet
Paul Collier
There are two forms of plunder. One is where assets, which should belong to the many, are expropriated by the few. The other is where the present generation expropriates what should be benefiting the future.

Family economics and the second demographic transition
Shelly Lundberg
What economic forces have driven the profound changes in the Western family in the last five decades and what should be the policy responses?

The economics of gender discrimination
Deborah A Cobb-Clark
It has been 40 years since Australian women won the right to equal pay, yet women continue to earn about 87 cents on average for every dollar that men earn. What do we know about gender pay gaps in Australia?

The coming age of continuous assurance
Miklos A Vasarhelyi
The emerging field of continuous auditing attempts to better match internal and external auditing practices to the reality of the modern IT-dominated environment in order to provide stakeholders with more timely and meaningful assurance

Work and Indigenous wellbeing: Developing a research agenda
Kirrily Jordan
Differing attitudes to paid work give rise to much misunderstanding, if not animosity. Activities that Aboriginal people perceive as highly productive – especially skipping work to attend to familial needs – may be perceived by non-Indigenous work managers as simply lazy.

Occasional Addresses

Career paths and their driving forces
Leon L’Huillier
In some respects it might be viewed as unusual and risky to build several careers in vastly different institutions and sectors of the economy

Work-life balance
Craig Drummond
You really work to live rather than live to work

The University of Melbourne’s first female commerce graduate
Jane J F Hronsky
Harriet Amies, BCom (1907-2006)


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